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Want to Become a Professional Yoga Instructor, Stress Management Consultant or Holistic Life Coach? 

Join the YogaSkills Movement. Trainings held in:

Houston, Atlanta, Chicago, Las Vegas, Jamaica, Egypt,

At YogaSkills we specialize in Kemetic Yoga which is the ancient Egyptian system of creating health, wellness, fitness and enlightenment for your entire being.

But beyond a particular style of Yoga, the YogaSkills Method (YSM) is applicable to all areas and styles of Yoga practice. Whether you are trained in Ashtanga, Iyengar, Bikram, Kundalini or any of the popular styles of Hatha Yoga or a novice beginner, you can benefit immensely by adding the YogaSkills Method to your repertoire.

YSM emphasizes the safest and most effective method of performing the physical postures, while teaching you how to apply the mental/emotional skills that you gain from your practice to your everyday life experiences. This will assist you to become more successful in your professional, personal and inner life spheres.

In the YogaSkills Training Program you will gain expertise in:

  • The Performance of Yoga Movements and Postures in a safe and effective standard that will allow you to cultivate your health, fitness, manage stress, detoxify, meditate and get in touch with your internal energy

  • Basic and advanced breathing and meditation techniques that will induce a permanent state of mindfulness.

  • Principles and methods of Holistic Nutrition, Internal Detoxification, Herbalism, Food Combining, and much more.

  • Teaching strategies, techniques and methodologies for teaching children and teens including those with special needs.

  • Creating and Conducting Stress Management and Wellness Programs, Seminars and Workshops for corporate clients

  • Holistic Life Coaching for highly motivated and professional clients

  • How to effectively and safely teach Yoga using the YogaSkills Method of Rule of Four Breathing and Geometric Progression

  • The performance of Kemetic (ancient Egyptian) Yoga postures that are found on the temple walls and sacred texts

  • The History, Philosophy and Spiritual Science of Kemetic Yoga as a tool for understanding universal law and the origin of civilization

Our courses include special guest instructors such as Master Kwesi Karamoko, Wayne B. Chandler, Dr. Sunyatta Amen, Dr. Jeff Menzise and Caroline Shola Arewa.

Get Certified in your City

Students will become certified Kemetic Yoga® instructors guided by the YogaSkills Method (YSM).

The YogaSkills Method(YSM) focus’ on the following 12 core principals:

  1. History and Philosophy of Kemetic Yoga

  2. The Science of Yoga as a system of self-development and self-mastery

  3. The proper performance of Kemetic Yoga movements and postures

  4. The principles and techniques of the YogaSkills Method (YSM) as developed by Y.R. Hotep

  5. Kemetic Meditation and Breath Control

  6. Teaching strategies and techniques

  7. Teaching Special Populations: Children, Seniors, etc.

  8. Physical Anatomy

  9. Spiritual Anatomy

  10. Nutrition

  11. Stress Management

  12. Principles of Yoga Business

Students will receive a training package which will include:

  1. Kemetic Yoga® teacher training manual

  2. 2 Kemetic Yoga® instructional DVDs

  3. Journey to Amenta instructional Meditation CD.

- Students in this course are required to participate in at least two Yoga classes per week at your home Yoga studio or another approved studio or complete a home study curriculum.

- Students are required to write out a script of their teaching based upon the outline in the training manual, choreograph and demonstrate a flow sequence of movements and postures that illustrates competency in the practices and provide a sample of their teaching style showing all the elements of a quality instructor in the Kemetic tradition and YogaSkills Method.

- Students are also required to read the required books on the reading list and write a total of 4 essays based upon the readings.

The YogaSkills Method™ encompasses

  • Kemetic (ancient Egyptian) philosophy and spiritual science

  • Pre-Aryan (Non-Hindu) Indian Yogic concepts

  • Movements and postures that are uniquely Kemetic

The YogaSkills Method involves movements and postures that flow. It incorporates the Kemetic or ancient Egyptian principle of geometric progression. This means that the body flows from one pose into the next. We flow geometrically, meaning from a simple pose into increasingly complex poses. The flow of the movements is based upon an understanding of anatomy, physiology, the bio-energetic body and the flow of internal energy.

The practice of Yoga develops skills that are transferable and applicable to all other aspects of your life. By learning to control your breathing in order to perform the movements and postures you develop the following skills:

  • Self Control

  • Patience

  • Concentration

  • Intuition

  • Self Reliance

  • Prosperity

  • Faith

  • Insight

  • Stress Management

  • Wellness


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