Executive Services

President/CEO Y.R. Hotep



Give your managers and employees the skills they need to perform effectively in high-pressure situations. 

Highly successful leaders are driven towards excellence and often operate in high stress environments where the consequences of their decisions are crucial to the success of their organizations. A constant exposure to highly stressed environments can lead to maladaptive behaviors and mindsets that in the long run are counter productive. These behaviors may include lack of focus, inappropriate behavior and ineffective work habits, as well as unhealthy personal habits. Employee health has a direct impact on an organization’s financial bottom-line.

The YogaSkills Way is more than a Stress Management Program; it also offers a complete holistic approach to health, wellness and personal development. Below is a list of some of the skills gained from participating in this program.

  • Ability to manage stress regardless of the situation

  • Creative leadership abilities

  • Improved decision-making

  • Increased personal stamina, focus, productivity and effective people management skills

  • Clinically proven relaxation strategies

  • Self Mastery techniques

  • Internal resilience

  • Healthy life habits in nutrition, fitness and wellness

At YogaSkills we take a Total Health Consciousness approach (THC) that emphasizes an internal transformation in how we perceive and interact with the world and others around us in a comprehensive manner that positively affect mental, physical and social performance. 

All of our services are clinically proven to be effective, have been developed and are supervised by Y. R. Hotep (E. C. Lawrence), MSW who has over 30 years experience as a therapist and social worker. Our medical team headed by Director of Medical Services, Glenn Harrison, MD, supports him. 

Executive Services:

Corporate Stress Management Workshops

Luxury Exotic Retreats

One on One & Small Group Coaching

Self Development and Wellness Coaching

Luxury Rejuvenation Retreats

Our Luxury Rejuvenation Retreats take place in luxury villas in tropical locales befitting a Kings and Queens. We will plan a retreat for your group with one of our partners in Jamaica, or other exotic locations in the world, where you can enjoy the following customizable experiences:

  • Stress Management Practices, Yoga, Meditation, Qi Qong

  • Rest and relaxation

  • Delicious, natural meals for optimum nutrition prepared by our Master Chefs

  • Therapeutic massage and body work

  • Daily exercise for weight management & fitness

  • Swimming

  • Hiking

  • Field Excursions

  • Golf

  • Transformational group workshops and individual work led by world class facilitators

  • Substance abuse services

  • A personalized transformation plan for 6 months to a year

Urban Rejuvenation Retreat

One of our most innovative programs is to create an urban oasis at your corporate office or home Condo conference facility. We offer expert instruction in the following areas:

  • Stress Management

  • Nutrition

  • Weight Loss

  • Fitness

  • Overcoming Addictions

  • Yoga

  • Medical Qi Qong

  • Meditation

YogaSkills is a Registered Yoga School.